SIX WEEKS TO OPENING: ‘Salesman’ cast blocks scenes, memorizes lines

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


With six weeks left until production, the “Death of a Salesman” cast is doggedly memorizing lines. They are running scenes using scripts, but by the end of April break, practices will be “off book.”

Directors are steadily working through the text and are more than halfway through the initial blocking process. The uniquely designed set, constructed March 26, helps actors and directors alike, both in acting and blocking.

After school ended March 29, the Mohawk auditorium stirred into life as actors playing leading characters arrived to continue blocking.

Bernard (Riley Kelleher) arrived, quickly followed by Willy Loman (Leon Tuthill). Simultaneously, his sons, Biff (Maxx Crowl) and Happy (Theodor Gabriel), wandered on the stage.

Characters practiced lines calmly sitting on the edge of platforms and the tops of fold-over seats. Directors Neale Gay, Scott Whitney, and Rachel Glod conversed quietly.

When Linda (Chelsie Field) arrived, the group straightened up and organized to begin blocking the scene in which Willy daydreams about talking to his brother Ben and the moments before his son Biff’s football game.

Whitney was in the pit working the scenes through his mind, as actors and actresses read lines, moving around the stage and through the set. He suggested that Happy enter on stage left and that Willy remain at center stage, while Ben should check his watch as he said a certain line.

The scene was run again with modifications. The cast then continued on to another.
The cast presses on despite school cancellation on April 1 with an added rehearsal Sunday and through the following school week.


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