For actors, it takes a family feeling to raise a village of Lomans

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


Here’s the scene: Maxx Crowl, Chelsea Field and I, joined by others from the cast, sit outside of the Mohawk Trail Regional High School auditorium with battered scripts and trade comments in funny voices.

Curious teachers and students stop and watch as these young actors work to bring Biff, Linda and Happy Loman, and a few others, to life.

Lines snatched out of context sound strange to the passersby. Looks and laughs pass among the actors as they continue to practice for the coming show of Arthur Miller’s “Death of A Salesman.

Perhaps nowhere else at Mohawk can such camaraderie be seen as in the drama department during the making of this production.

As one in the middle of it, I can report that the bonds being formed are priceless and lay the basis for true friendship.

This team-building experience is important to the performance not only because it helps the cast memorize, but because it enables us to connect and begin to feel more like family, which makes acting on stage as a family look more authentic.

We are looking forward to the performance. See you there!

  1. Tom Friedmann says:

    This is going to be a great show. Looking forward to it!

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