‘Salesman’ cast continues search for character as final month of rehearsals begins

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


For weeks, the cast and crew of “Death of a Salesman” had been working at blocking scenes and running through the script. After much hard work, they have completed the blocking of the entire show. Now it’s time for memorization before school starts again next week.

And then comes the task of getting these characters to come alive onstage at Mohawk.

A great deal of stress has been put on many of the cast members. According to some of his fellow actors, Leon Tuthill, who has many lines in the play as Willy Loman, has “been putting his best foot forwards” despite the pressure put on him to memorize the script.

Maxx Crowl, who plays the character of Biff, said during a short interview, “I think it’s going alright, as long as everyone memorizes their lines … we have good actors and actresses.”

Last week, the cast was to run approximately one hundred pages of the script as well as viewing a film version of Arthur Miller’s play to see their characters in action.

Having attended several of the rehearsals myself, I believe that this show is going to be extremely good and do justice to the play.


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