As show date nears, cast aims for nuance in portrayals

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Uncategorized


All involved with the Mohawk Arts and Education Council’s production of “Death of a Salesman” were given a break from daily rehearsals during school vacation from April 18-22.

However, lack of rehearsals did not eliminate work for most cast members. When practices resume on Tuesday, April 26, all are expected to have memorized their lines and be “off book.”

This task will be especially difficult for lead roles Willy Loman (Leon Tuthill) and Linda Loman (Chelsie Field). Their efforts in memorization will be critically important so that actors and actresses can continue getting deeply in to their characters.

As Field says, “Memorizing so many lines comes from dedication and practice. Turning those words into a performance comes from a genuine passion and love for acting.”

Without scripts actions can be blocked with more nuance and specificity. This process of micro-blocking will be paired with the integration of props.

As pieces of the production come together the crew continues to enjoy all parts of the process. Student director Rachel Glod explains, “We will also be having a ton of fun (always)!”


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